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That's why they hate us... that's why they need us. That's why they take us.... that's why they feed us. But the true abomination... is not that it occurred, but that it was allowed.

Hespith is a distant cousin to Oghren[1] and member of House Branka.


Hespith was originally Warrior caste dwarf from House Kondrat. After Branka's elevation to Paragon, she along with the rest of her house voted to join the newly established noble House Branka.[2] Around that time she also started an affair with the Paragon, which became an open secret. Records imply that Branka's quest for the Anvil of the Void was supported or even encouraged by Hespith and the two lovers would spend hours examining ancient scrolls trying to pinpoint the location of the ancient artifact.[1]

In 9:28 Dragon[3], two years before the outbreak of the Fifth Blight, Hespith took part in an expedition into the Deep Roads to find and recover the Anvil of the Void during which she served as Branka's captain.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

The Warden hears Hespith reciting part of a poem deep within the Dead Trenches. When the Warden finds Hespith, she repeats the poem in its entirety. Hespith shows signs of corruption: her face is pale and blotchy and she is feverish, indicating that she is a ghoul. Hespith tells the Warden that Branka allowed the members of her expedition to be captured by darkspawn in order to breed more darkspawn, which could be used on Caridin's traps located in his stronghold. Hespith also describes what the darkspawn do with the women they capture, as well as the process of becoming a broodmother.

After speaking with the Warden, Hespith runs away. It is presumed she took her own life by jumping off the cliff behind the broodmother that was once Laryn.


A Paragon of Her Kind A Paragon of Her Kind


  • "The Stone has punished me, dream-friend. I am dying of something worse than death. Betrayal."
  • "She became obsessed, that is the word but it is not strong enough. Blessed Stone, there was nothing left in her but the Anvil."
  • "I was her captain, and I did not stop her. Her lover, and I could not turn her. Forgive her... but no, she cannot be forgiven. Not for what she did. Not for what she has become."


Hespith repeats this poem:

First day, they come and catch everyone.
Second day, they beat us and eat some for meat.
Third day, the men are all gnawed on again.
Fourth day, we wait and fear for our fate.
Fifth day, they return and it's another girl's turn.
Sixth day, her screams we hear in our dreams.
Seventh day, she grew as in her mouth they spew.
Eighth day, we hated as she is violated.
Ninth day, she grins and devours her kin.
Now she does feast, as she's become the beast.
Now you lay and wait, for their screams will haunt you in your dreams.


  • The Toolset explains that "Hespith kills herself after the Broodmother is destroyed, because the confrontation with Branka is yet to come, and that is the real horror that can't be faced".
  • In Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening, after Oghren's Joining, Oghren will recount a dream about a broodmother with Hespith's face. Oghren asks the Warden-Commander if his dream is related to his Joining. However, his dream becomes more absurd and irrational, and is most likely a regular dream and not a Grey Warden dream. Which would be odd as dwarves don't dream.


  • Occasionally, after speaking with Hespith (when using the last option in the first dialogue exchange with her, "They made you eat your kin?"), she will not immediately run away from the party, but instead will stay in the room. She cannot be interacted with anymore, nor will she repeat her poem.}}