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Herd of Stone Halla is a side quest in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

There's a veritable herd of halla statuettes scattered around the Winter Palace. They stand out a little too much to be simply decorative.


The quest becomes available when any halla statuette is found.


Halla statuettes[]

Halla statuettes are used to open locked halla doors in the Winter Palace and are consumed when used. They can be found by using the search function when in close proximity.

Each halla door requires a certain number of halla statuettes in order to be unlocked. Eleven statuettes can be found in the palace, but only ten are required for the quest. The available statuettes are not enough to open all of the halla doors so decide early which endings and side quests you will pursue as this will dictate where you use them. One statue is required very early to open the Upper Garden Door to move the main quest forward.

The statuettes can be found in the following locations:

Winter Palace Exterior (starting area) (1/10)[]

On a bench located on the upstairs patio above the Eastern Storage door.

Guest Wing Gardens (2/10)[]

At the top of the climbable lattice, turn right, then right again to find a halla on the balcony railing.

Servant's Quarters Kitchen #1 (3/10)[]

Atop the kitchen rafters; see notes for additional information.

The halla up on the rafters.

Servant's Quarters Gardens #1 (4/10)[]

In the garden accessible from the kitchen. Take an immediate left and bear left to the southwest corner before jumping down and looting the body.

Servant's Quarters Gardens #2 (5/10)[]

In the gardens, proceed north from the dead emissary until a wall is reached. Turn right, head up the stairs, proceed down the walkway and up the ladder. The balcony room has a loot chest and halla statuette.

Grand Apartments #1 (6/10)[]

The room along the eastern wall containing multiple Venatori (near the balcony where the cut-scene occurs when rendezvousing with Ambassador Briala).

Trophy Room (7/10)[]

On Gaspard's desk.

Royal Quarters #1 (8/10)[]

In a bedroom on an end table in front of a roaring fireplace (turn right after entering, then right again into the first room on the right).

Royal Quarters #2 (9/10)[]

The balcony window to jump through to enter the sealed off room.

Resting atop a lion chest in the room where Briala's agent is rescued from the Harlequin.

Jardin de Rȇverie #1 (10/10)[]

From the door with the rift (accessible after saving Briala's agent) proceed down the hall with the broken furniture and head through the door on the right. Take the right fork and follow the path to an open window on the right (see image to the right). The statuette is on a table in the southwest corner of the room.

Jardin de Rȇverie #2 (11/10)[]

Take the staircase down to the door from aforementioned location, the statuette is next to the bookcase by the stairs.

Halla doors[]

A Halla door.

Halla doors are found in the following locations.

Winter Palace Exterior (starting area)[]

Eastern Storage room
  • Requires: One halla statuette
  • Accesses: Two common loot boxes

Lower Garden Door[]

Guest Wing Gardens
  • Requires: Three halla statuettes
  • Accesses: the Fumeur including one Caprice coin, a Red Jenny stash, three members of the council (Duke Cyril Montfort, Comte Lothaire Doucy and Comtesse Montbelliard) and two loot boxes including one with the Orlesian Banner Orlesian Banner. Varric can be found here if he accompanies the Inquisitor to the palace.
  • Necessary to complete: Red Jenny's Stashes, Banners, and Throwing Away Money
Note: Volume III of Codex entry: A Compendium of Orlesian Theater is also found here. The remaining members of the Council of Heralds can be spoken to and unlock Codex entry: Council of Heralds. If Varric was brought for the quest, they will be talking to him about his books so the Inquisitor needs to wait for a pause in conversation to interact with them.
Note: The route from the Lower Garden Door is off-limits (thus the Inquisitor slowly loses Court Approval) but the party area and the Fumeur beyond it is not.

Upper Garden Door[]

Guest Wing Gardens
  • Requires: One halla statuette
  • Accesses: letter from Gaspard to Celene regarding negotiations and one common loot box
  • Necessary to complete: Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts main quest advancement

Celene's Vault[]

Servants' Quarters and Grand Apartments (upper level)

Empress's Private Quarters[]

Royal Quarters
Note: Companion approval can be gained as follows:
  • I need you to testify. (Free him to obtain blackmail on Celene) - DAIApproval.png Cassandra Slightly Approves
  • You can stay here. (Leave him.) - DAIApproval.png Dorian Slightly Approves, DAIApproval.png Sera Slightly Approves
Note: The coin cannot be accessed until the soldier has been freed. Releasing him awards DAIApproval.png Court Approval 10.

Lower Royal Wing (Left door)[]

Royal Quarters
  • Requires: Five halla statuettes
  • Accesses: One loot box with the chance of a rare item and a Lightning Rune Lightning Rune

Lower Royal Wing (Right door)[]

Royal Quarters


Opening the Eastern Storage Room and Lower Garden door each yield:

  • 242 XP
  • Influence 80 (no other doors yield any rewards)

Finding ten halla statuettes yields:

  • 242 XP
  • Influence 80


  • In order for the Inquisitor to have access to the maximum number of possible ending outcomes for the main quest Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts, at least eight halla statuettes are needed and entering both the Empress' Private Quarters in the Royal Quarters and the Servants' Quarters in the Guest Wing where the elven locket is located.
  • In order to reconcile Celene and Briala and complete the side quest Red Jenny's Stashes, the Inquisitor must acquire seven halla statuettes. In order to complete the main quest one statuette must be used on the Upper Garden door, three on the Vault and three on the Lower Garden door. However, this prevents the side quests Throwing Away Money and The Great Blackmail Hunt from being completed (which would require a further five statuettes or twelve in total).
  • In order to reconcile Celene and Briala and complete The Great Blackmail Hunt the Inquisitor must acquire nine halla statuettes. In order to complete the main quest one statuette must be used on the Upper Garden door, three additional on the Vault and five on the Empress' Private Quarters. This prevents Throwing Away Money and Red Jenny's Stashes from being completed (which would require a further three statuettes or twelve in total), but does leave an extra halla statuette which can be used on the Eastern Storage Door in the palace exterior.
  • If the Inquisitor is not interested in the elven locket, but interested in completing all of the side quests, eleven halla statuettes are needed:
    • one is used for the Upper Garden door
    • three for the Lower Garden door (and)
    • five for the Empress' Private Quarters door.
This leaves two available for the Eastern Storage room. Since the Inquisitor is not able to get back to this door after entering the main gate without confronting Florianne de Chalons, entering this door upon arrival will optimize the rewards, unless the Inquisitor plans on taking on one of the plot routes that eventually lead to confronting Florianne.
  • If the Inquisitor is not interested in either the locket or the side quests, one or both of the lower wing doors become available.
  • To obtain the halla statuette and/or codex entry The Servant's Quarters from atop the kitchen rafter located in the Servants' Quarters, the following can be done:
    • Jump onto the barrels in the northeast corner, then onto the nearby beam, walk slowly along the rafters, which also nets the codex along the way.
    • Jump on the edge of the table and onto the candle holder on one of the poles on either side of the table. This may also put the controlled character in range of the codex.
    • Jump from the table and pause, in mid-air, using the assigned pause button and right-click the item to loot the statuette; however, this will not work if the controlled character is a dwarf.
    • Jump on top of the large red barrel and then jump towards the statuette while mashing the action button.