Hercinia is a palatial city-state in the Free Marches, on the Amaranthine coast. It is known for its taxes and frequent raider activity.[1]

Background[edit | edit source]

Like the Marcher states of Kirkwall and Starkhaven, Hercinia has tried and failed to claim the island of Estwatch, a notoriously lawless port held by the Felicisma Armada, whose raiders often target Hercinia.[1]

The agent "Mollnir," a suspected alias of the notorious Black Hart revealed a conspiracy against the Crown in Hercinia.[2]

One of the inmates in the Aeonar was rumored to be a noble from Hercinia, hidden by his family as he practiced blood magic on their servants. He quickly became an abomination and was killed by the templars.[3]

Involvement[edit | edit source]

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Dragon Age: Magekiller.

Docks of Hercinia

Marius and Tessa Forsythia have been hired to rescue a young man named Buckingham from a maleficar. After they safely return the hostage to his family, they are followed to their inn by Flavius, a slave in the service of Magister Illeneva, who asks them for help in taking down a group of blood mages in Tevinter.

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

In the process of investigating Lord Enzo of Antiva's connections to the Venatori, the Inquisitor discovers a Venatori-held storehouse just outside Hercinia, which they used as a staging ground for smuggling red lyrium into Antiva. After fleeing to Hercinia, Lord Enzo is killed by either the Antivan Crows or Zevran Arainai.

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