You're reading this because you have been contributing to the Dragon Age: Origins wiki and you've seen a few awesome people (me) with signatures like  tierrie talk contr or Friendship smallLoleil Talk. And you've been looking at the source code and wondering "Wow, that's amazing. I wish I was smart enough to do that. I bet I am."

And then you go off and read our signatures, then you figure out - oh right its just an inclusion. I can do that.

But something goes wrong and the next thing you know is you've got a signature that you have to type manually, or expands into this huge ball of ... code. And you've been too shy to ask. Because, frankly, you're in awe of the admins (me). [1]

This are the instructions for how to create your own signature - because honestly, I am just that awesome. Loleil and Zoev too. But don't tell them. They have huge egos.

  1. Create an account - this one is obvious. You have an account right? If not, why are you reading this?
  2. Go to Preferences and the "User Profile" tab - this is where your preferences are saved. Isn't nomenclature wonderful?
  3. Click on Custom signature - go ahead, click it.
  4. Under "Signature" enter {{SUBST:User:YOURNAME/SigInclude}} - this tells them that you want to include {{User:YOURNAME/SigInclude}} as your signature
  5. Check "I want to use wikitext in my signature". Because you want to.
  6. Create a blank page [[User:YOURNAME/SigInclude]] and fill it with {{User:YOURNAME/Sig}} - this tells the wiki to insert your signature everytime you sign something.
  7. Create the page [[User:YOURNAME/Sig]] and fill it with your signature. Need some ideas? Check out WoWWiki's store of amazing signatures.
  8. Sign your pages with four tildas ~~~~ - watch! its like magic!

References Edit

  1. Alright, I lied about the signatures. Kirkburn is the guy whom I pilfered this idea from. He's the man!
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