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There are no borders for the mage who wields a spectral blade. There is respect, and there is fear.

Commander Helaine is the trainer of the Knight-Enchanter specialization and can only be encountered if the Inquisitor is a mage.


Following the completion of the war table operation Specializations for the Inquisitor, three trainers will appear at Skyhold. If the Inquisitor is a mage, Helaine will be one of them, and can be found in the Lower Courtyard. She offers to train the Inquisitor in the ways of the Knight-Enchanter.


Way of the Knight-Enchanter Way of the Knight-Enchanter (conditional)
Trust Trust (war table) (conditional)


  • After the Inquisitor completes their specialization, Helaine can sometimes be found near Vivienne in some playthroughs and in others can no longer be found around Skyhold.