Heart of Pride is a unique staff from the Trespasser DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition.

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Trespasser Edit

Notes Edit

  • The Veilfire puzzle is part of the 'Lateral Thinker' achievement.
  • Heart of Pride is unique in the sense that it does not require the player to have a minimum level to yield.

Veilfire puzzle Edit

  • Obtain the Anchor Blast upgrade for the Anchor Discharge ability in the Shattered Library, then head back to the now half-submerged Deep Roads section via the respective eluvian. Use the upgraded ability near a collapsed entrance surrounded by casks of gaatlok to clear the way and enter the eluvian. You will find yourself in the hidden section of the Deep Roads called the 'Unknown Ruin.'
  • Solve the puzzle Where the Dread Wolf's gaze blazes, paths are brought to light to earn a reward. To do so find the line of tiles leading from the statue to the mural. Place one character on the tile closest to the large Fen'Harel statue and direct them to hold position. Use another character to press the button on the back of the Dread Wolf statue. Tiles will move up from the ground forming a path. Walk up the stairway to light the veilfire, then head back towards the statue to loot the box between the paws which unlocks the Heart of Pride.

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