East of the orphanage entrance, the Warden can find a Deranged Beggar who has been Hearing Voices. A survivor from the orphanage, she has been tormented by the calls for blood she hears from the "bad men" - the demon presences within the orphanage - and misses her grandmother, who she felt always protected her, even though they never met. She has lost her grandmother's amulet.

Walkthrough Edit

This quest is triggered upon taking the Worn Amulet from the locked chest in the final room of the Alienage orphanage, at the end of the Something Wicked quest. The Deranged Beggar's mind will be a little clearer upon speaking to her after the orphanage is cleared. The Warden may return her grandmother's amulet to her.

Rewards Edit

  • 125 XP.

Result Edit

After being given the amulet, the beggar thanks the Warden and walks away, seemingly more at peace.

Bugs Edit

  • The Worn Amulet remains in the Plot Items Inventory after being returned to the Deranged Beggar. (pcIcon pcIt can be removed via Qwinn's Fixpack.)
  • Sometimes you can't give her the Amulet and the quest doesn't end.
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