A How-To page for general Healing in Dragon Age: Origins.



1.) Regeneration benefits most from increase in Spellpower by +10hp/10spellpower. An additional 10 points in Spellpower will increase the effect of Regeneration by the total of 10 (1 per tick).

2.) Heal comes in second with +4hp/10spellpower.

3.) Group Heal's efficiency can vary depending on how many party members benefit from the heal.

If 2 party members benefit from a full effect of Group Heal, its efficiency will be higher than Heal.
If 4 party members benefit from a full effect of Group Heal, its efficiency will be higher than Regeneration.

4.) Lifeward should be used before combat/as the last resort due to its effect and efficiency.

It is therefore most efficient to let your Healer spam Regeneration and Heal on your party members. Mass Rejuvenation, while theoretically less efficient than both Rejuvenate and Spellbloom, actually is your best bet practically, affecting your whole party at once. Spellbloom is the close second. Mana Drain could have been a great option for mana regeneration, considering its availability and efficiency, yet since it requires draining mana from spellcasting enemies only, that are both relatively rare and usually short-lived (top priority targets) -- it's very situational, in fact. Note that if you do not personally control the Healer, that Healer will never cast Regeneration on top on an existing one (as you might do) so if you are not controlling the Healer yourself, you can take the Regeneration's total effect & effectiveness as it actually is.


Players note: You may "buy time" for party members being healed and/or regen'd by controlling certain non-stamina or non-mana use actions while waiting for enough stamina or mana to build back. Sometimes avoid a low stamina/mana use action to build to the one you really want. That is, exercise patience by delaying or avoiding a lowercost action to build to a really helpful one. Don't let a little mana or stamina "burn a hole in your pocket". Don't use it just because you can.

Efficiency Comparison

File:Healing Spells Efficiency.jpg

Tactics Setup

Type: Main Healer (Wynne)
Behavior: Passive

Condition Action
Self: Mana/stamina < 50% Mass Rejuvenation
Self: Mana/stamina < 75% Spellbloom (high availability)
Enemy: Nearest visible mage Mana Drain (most cost effective)
Self: Health < 25% Group Heal (counter AoE damage)
Self: Health < 75% Regeneration
Ally: Health < 25% Group Heal (emergency heal)
Ally: Health < 50% Regeneration
Ally: Health < 90% Regeneration
Ally: Health < 25% Heal
Ally: Health < 50% Heal
Ally: Health < 75% Heal
main tank: Being attack by melee or range attack Heroic Defense (last priority after all heals)

It should be noted that Force Field - though the most efficient instrument in the main healer´s hands - should be casted at roughly under 25 % health by a directly controlled healer, followed by regeneration.

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