Healing Mist is a usable item in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

When equipped, each party member can carry up to 3 Healing Mist at any one time.


Crafted by the Inquisitor once the recipe has been found.

Alchemical Requirements


Name Effect Materials Required Prerequisite
Increase Healing I Increases Healing Amount by 38 20 Spindleweed and 1 Royal Elfroot and 1 Dawn Lotus -
Increase Healing II Increases Healing Amount by 50 10 Rashvine and 10 Embrium and 2 Prophet's Laurel Increases Healing I upgrade
Healing Mist Healing Mist can restore unconscious party members as well as healing them 10 Embrium and 20 Vandal Aria and 2 Felandaris Increase Healing II upgrade
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