The Hawke Estate is the ancestral seat of the Amell family which later passes into the possession of the Hawke cadet-branch of the family.

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The Hawke estate, formerly known as the Amell Estate, was owned by the parents of Leandra Amell. Once the Amells passed, their will stated that the estate be left to Leandra and all of her children. However, Leandra was unable to attend the funeral, having just given birth to her twins Carver and Bethany. Thus, she never got to see the will, leaving Leandra's younger brother Gamlen to take control of the estate and all Amell family fortunes.

Gamlen got into trouble with slavers, and ended up having to "sell" the estate to them.

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This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

Hawke and their sibling searches the estate cellar while investigating their mother's Birthright. The estate later comes into the ownership of Hawke after Hawke purchases it back using funds gained from The Deep Roads Expedition. Leandra, Sandal, and Bodahn Feddic move in with Hawke. It is also possible to have Dog and Anders or Merrill, if they are a romance companion, live there with Hawke as well. Hawke can also recruit the elf Orana as a slave or servant who will also reside in the estate from then on. According to in-game dialogue, the Estate has a view of the homes of many other neighbouring nobles, such as the “Arenburgs”.

The estate is also where Cassandra is interrogating Varric in 9:40 Dragon.

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Hightown icon Amell Estate Cellar
  • Hawke Estate

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  • During Act 1 at night, the Amell family crest is displayed outside the estate in Hightown, but it is the damaged version, also seen at end of the game.