Hawen is the Keeper of a Dalish clan encamped on the Exalted Plains in 9:41 Dragon.

Involvement Edit

One must get into his good graces by completing quests and earning DAIApproval Dalish Favor for the clan. Doing so will cause him to allow Loranil to join the Inquisition. He initially refuses because he does not trust anything to do with the Chantry or Andraste due to their history with his people. His distrust extends to even the Dalish Inquisitor due to their title of "Herald of Andraste".

Quests Edit

Quest icon DAI By the Grace of the Dalish
Quest icon DAI A Dalish Perspective
Quest icon DAI The Spoils of Desecration
Quest icon DAI The Knights' Tomb
Quest icon DAI Bestow Mourning Halla

Notes Edit

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