It has always been thus in Haven. We do not question tradition.

The Guard is the watchman who serves as lookout for the village of Haven.

Background Edit

The guard is stationed on watch at the entrance to the village by the path that leads out back into the Frostback Mountains.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

Upon entering, the guard will question The Warden's reason for being there and will suggest to them to leave as soon as possible. The Warden can ask him several questions about the town but none of his answers will be particularly helpful except that he mentions that the village has a Revered Father, a tradition which is not followed by the mainstream Andrastian Chantry. He will also direct the party to the merchant at the Village Store to trade for supplies.

Like the rest of the population of the village, the Guard is a member of the Disciples of Andraste cult.


  • If you trigger the fight against the entire village, he will not be present; return to see the graveyard or crash the funeral, and he will attack you on sight.
  • If you find the human sacrifice in a nearby house and return to ask him about it, he will start shouting that you're intruders but nothing actually happens.

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