Have You Seen Me? is a quest received from the Mages' Collective Job Board in Denerim. In Thedas, many perils await the unwary mage. Mages' Collective members try to look out for one another. A member of the Collective, Renold, has not been seen for quite some time, and there is much consternation. A sleuth is sought to solve this mystery.

Walkthrough Edit

After accepting this mission, one of the Warden's "random" encounters on the World map will be in an "Out of the Way" spot. They will discover, and have to defeat, a boss-level abomination hovering over a dead body at a campsite.

The item Plt ico signet ring2 Feldspar Ring is dropped by the abomination. This will remain in your inventory, in the quest items tab; it cannot be sold and does not appear to serve any other purpose.

At the campsite, Renold's corpse can be searched to find his journal. The journal will add the Codex entry: Renold's Plea. Reading it will reveal what happened to Renold.

Any Mages' Collective representative will reward the bearer of news about Renold's fate.

Reward Edit

  • 1 DAO goldpiece trans
  • 175 XP

Result Edit

  • The quest will be marked as complete in the journal.

Notes Edit

  • Stealing from the abomination during the battle will yield a Greater or Potent Lyrium potion.
  • pcIcon pc The Feldspar Ring can be removed via Qwinn's Fixpack.
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