Have Ser Barris Lead Against Demons is a war table operation in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Acquisition Edit

Available after completing the operation Save Val Colline from the Venatori.

Operation text Edit

This letter, written in a shaky hand, bears the crest of the city of Ansburg:

Ser Barris:

I don't know who else to turn to, my friend. Horrors are stalking Ansburg. Demons turn houses to ash, shadows tear our Guardsmen apart. The Countess has shut herself in the castle, and there are few alive brave enough to fight beside the guard.

Barris, I beg you with all my heart, we need people who fight magic. Ansburg needs the Templars.

Guard-Captain Weinman

Adviser suggestions Edit

Note: The time listed is the time it takes with no agents.

Josephine - 1:30:00 Edit

We must make the Countess see reason. Her personal guard could help Ser Barris fight these demons.

Leliana - 1:30:00 Edit

Are mages calling up these demons, or is the Veil there thin? We should investigate before we send Ser Barris.

Cullen - 1:12:00 Edit

This isn't a battle; it's a siege inside the city. Arm our veterans and give them to Ser Barris. I trust him to lead them.

Results Edit

Josephine / Leliana Edit

Ser Barris:

Bonfires for the dead roar night and day. There's rumors the countess was killed during the worst of the fighting. I had no love for the woman, but her family is no closer to deciding an heir today than it was a week ago.

All is not gloom. The Chantry mother dedicated her sermon yesterday to the "good work of the templars." Whatever befalls us, you have our gratitude.

Andraste keep you and the Inquisitor well.

Guard-Captain Weinman

Cullen Edit

Ser Barris:

It is only a week since you left, yet Ansburg slowly returns to its routines. We will never forget how demons ran through our streets, just as we will always remember the men and women who reclaimed them.

There is talk of erecting a statue in honor of our Templar defenders. I can already hear you calling it "excessive nonsense," but it is little enough for saving a city. Allow us our heroes.

Don't let that wound on your leg scar, and come visit us when duty permits; the new recruits should hear your war stories.

Always in your debt,
Guard-Captain Weinman

Rewards Edit

All advisors

Notes Edit

  • Completing the operation with Cullen will result in the only favorable outcome.
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