Yes. I carried Andraste's Ashes out of Tevinter into the mountains to see the east where she could gaze ever into Her Maker's sky...

Havard the Aegis was an Avvarian member of the Alamarri tribes, a childhood friend of Maferath.[1] He was the first of the Disciples of Andraste. An Ash Wraith with Havard's appearance is encountered in the Gauntlet as part of the first trial in A Test of Faith. The shade was likely summoned from a ritual which involved Havard's immolation.

Background Edit

Havard and Maferath were friends since they were children, and stayed friends well into adulthood. When Maferath became the leader of the Alamarri tribe of Avvars, Havard became his second. However, the two parted ways when Maferath decided to hand Andraste over to the Tevinters. He was unable to save the "Bride of the Maker" from the fires, but managed to steal her ashes and bring them back to the Alamarri lands.

Involvement Edit

In order to advance in "A Test of Faith" you will need to answer the riddle, "The bones of the world stretch towards the sky's embrace. Veiled in white, like a bride greeting her groom. Of what do I speak?"

The correct answer is "The mountains" or "I don't know". "Disciple Havard" is one of the few shades that accept the answer "I don't know".

If the Warden answers correctly then the shade will disappear. If the Warden answers incorrectly, "Havard" will turn into an Ash Wraith and attack.

Quotes Edit

  • "Yes. I carried Andraste's Ashes out of Tevinter into the mountains to the east where She could gaze ever into Her Maker's sky... No more fitting a tomb than this could we find."
  • "You have much to learn, and little time. I will shorten the road for you."

Trivia Edit

  • The shield Havard's Aegis belonged to him.
  • Grand Duchess Leontine commissioned at least a hundred of his statues. Her lover was used as a model. Some of the statues can be found in Emprise du Lion.[2]

References Edit

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