Haunted is an Act 3 companion quest for Varric in Dragon Age II.

Acquisition Edit

This quest can be obtained by speaking to Varric in The Hanged Man after completing On The Loose and A Small Problem.

Walkthrough Edit

Go to Hightown and enter Bartrand's Estate.

Note: The quest description says Hawke must go at night but the estate can be accessed and the quest during the day as well.

Go through the house until the party can go upstairs and into the center room. After a cut scene they will be faced with an Ethereal golem. It will disappear after an initial battle, any fallen characters are revived and then several shades will spawn which will have to be defeated before it becomes attackable again. When the golem attacks, the floating paraphernalia will intermittently strike nearby team members, doing little damage but knocking them back and potentially interrupting moves.

Varric red lyrium - DA Keep

The choice for giving Varric the red lyrium or not in Dragon Age Keep

After the battle, Hawke will find a piece of the idol and they will have the option to let Varric keep it or get rid of it.

  • If Hawke lets him keep it, this will give him three extra rune slots on Bianca, and will result in Friendship small Varric: friendship (+10),Rivalry small Anders: rivalry (+5), Rivalry small Sebastian: rivalry (+10).
  • If Hawke makes him get rid of it, they'll be able to give it to Sandal who will make a Primeval Lyrium Rune out of it. The latter option will result in Rivalry small Varric: rivalry (+10),Friendship small Anders: friendship (+5),Friendship small Sebastian: friendship (+10).

After the battle, the room at the top of the stairs on the right, which was previously locked, will unlock. Visit it to loot a master difficulty chest and examine a ledger near the bed which will trigger a cutscene with Varric.

Rewards Edit

Varric DA2 quest - DA Keep

Choices for the quest in Dragon Age Keep

  • 2050 XP (for the fight) and 1200 XP (quest completion)
  • Rock Band looted from the Ethereal golem
  • Acquisition of the quests Closure and An Anniversary

There are two possible outcomes:

Trivia Edit

Bugs Edit

  • When the Ethereal golem shows up, the journal says to defeat the Rock wraith.
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