Hauberk of Gelgenig the Faithful is a heavy chestpiece in Dragon Age II. It requires the Warrior Item Pack II DLC content.

Background Edit

And so it was until the Alamarri were embroiled in a bitter war for survival against the Chasinds and Avvars when the leader of the Ash Warriors, Gelgenig, received a vision of Andraste. The charismatic barbarian traveled throughout Ferelden, telling his tale and unifying the fractious banns around the word of the Maker. The Ash Warriors ever since have been fervent in their faith to the Maker. To the Ash Warriors, Gelgenig's armor is a religious relic, but it was lost in the Nevarran Campaign of 8:69 Blessed.
—From Codex entry: Hauberk of Gelgenig the Faithful

Acquisition Edit

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