The Harimanns are a noble family which originates from the Free Marches. They own the Harimann Estate in Kirkwall's Hightown.

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For a long time they were allies and personal friends of the Vael family, the royal family of Starkhaven, with Sebastian and his family visiting their estate many times in his youth. During the Fifth Blight, Lord Harimann convinced Viscount Dumar to aid Fereldan which earned the ire of several prominent personages in Kirkwall. Eventually this resulted in their enemies hiring Meeran and the Red Iron mercenaries to kill Lord Harimann.

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

Unbeknownst to the outside world, a recent attempt to renovate and expand the Harimann Estate in Hightown had unearthed a long buried ruin and released a demon which played upon Lady Johane Harimann's desire and convinced her to orchestrate a coup d'état to seize control of Starkhaven for herself.

By 9:34 Dragon, Lord Harimann was dead and Lady Johane Harimann had become head of the family. Sebastian and Hawke went to confront her at her estate once her treachery was uncovered. There they discovered that Flora, Ruxton and Brett Harimann were all acting under the influence of a demon and that Johane Harimann was a blood mage. Following Lady Harimann's death at the hands of Sebastian and Hawke, Flora Harimann, now free of the demon's influence, vowed to make reparations to everyone they had wronged even if it cost her every coin they possessed.


Lady Johane Harrimann of Hightown

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