Hard to Stomach is a side quest in the Mark of the Assassin downloadable content for Dragon Age II.

An interesting entry in the cook's journal that might help with contaminating Leopold's food:

"Tried a new seasoning for the crepes this morning. A bunch of lutefisk, a few slices of old cheese, and a lot of navet. Gave the duke the runs all day. Note to self: not so much navet next time."

Acquisition Edit

This quest appears after entering the Chateau Haine Interior from the Chateau Courtyard. There is an alcove in a hallway in the early part of the Chateau where Hawke will find the cook raving. Select the conversation option to mislead the cook out to the gardens, (or if cook runs away) and click on the cook's journal to activate the quest.

Walkthrough Edit

Click on the various food portions to get the proper mixture.

You need:

  • 4 lutefisks
  • 3 slices of cheese
  • 5 navets

Because selecting the various food items dispenses different quantities per food, this is equivalent to:

  • 2 clicks lutefisk (2 lutefisk per click)
  • 1 click cheese (3 slices per click)
  • 5 clicks navet (1 navet per click)

All of the ingredients must be gathered before placing them in the urn. When the right amounts are obtained, an arrow will form over the urn and a single selection deposits all of them at once. Hawke should then select the urn which causes one of the sacks to be labelled Leopold's Food. Selecting the sack completes the quest.

Result Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

At the beginning of the final fight, Duke Prosper will remark on how Leopold is being exceptionally "sluggish" today. Leopold will turn green and be stunned at the beginning of the fight for nearly 10 seconds.

You also earn 200xp for completing the quest.

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