Hard in Hightown 3: Varric's Revenge is a war table mission in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Available at the start of the game, this is the first in a long series of operations relating to Varric.

Operation Text


I need a favor. Actually, let’s call it a loan, since I’ll pay it back. I got a letter from my editor in Kirkwall today. She tells me that Hard in Hightown 3: The Re-Punchening appeared in print from an Antivan printer a couple weeks ago. I’ll give you a moment to contemplate the horror that is that title.

I had my contacts in the Merchants Guild look for the Author a couple years back. The Best they could find out after spending a couple hundred gold was that “Pyrral Bhelenforth” is a pen name. I could’ve told them that for free. You’ve got contacts with the Antivan print houses; maybe you could find out more than the guild.




My dear Josephine,

I have looked into the matter of your writer—that book, by the way, is truly dreadful and has been panned by every critic in Antiva. The publisher does not know the identity of the writer; they receive manuscripts by courier. I was able to track down the courier, however, who is receiving her packages from another courier out of Kirkwall.

Best of luck,

Catarina Vallesti


My dear Leliana,

Your author friend is truly a mystery. Our search uncovered only a string of foreign accounts. The trail of coin led from Antiva to Tevinter to the Free Marches and Orlais. Someone hid their tracks well, but not well enough. Your writer is in Kirkwall. And Remember, you owe me a favor.



Josephine/Leliana: Amulet of Power (Varric), Varric Approves

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