Hannah is the revered mother of the Village Chantry in Redcliffe Village. Her duties include taking care of the spiritual needs of the Redcliffe flock and administering the chantry.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

If the Warden decides to help Redcliffe in A Village Under Siege quest, she can bless the party. Ser Perth will ask the Warden to request from the revered mother to provide his knights with amulets in order to boost their morale in combat, as they will believe that the Maker is protecting them.

Mother Hannah will initially refuse as she will consider as cheating to lie to the knights in making them believe that the amulets have holy powers. However with enough Coercion, the revered mother can be persuaded or intimidated in agreeing to do it. This will generate:
Ico DisAppr Heart Leliana disapproves (-5),Ico Appr Heart Morrigan approves (+2),.

If the player abandons Redcliffe, she will appear as a walking corpse in Castle Redcliffe's dungeon. As with the other villagers who were not saved, she will have to be killed by the Warden.

Notes Edit

  • During the blessing most companions have their own animation:
    • Leliana kneels and so does Morrigan.
    • Sten will look around as if he is confused.
    • Dog and Shale don't have specific animations for this part and just stand idle while the blessing is happening.
  • Leliana and Morrigan do not approve or disapprove until talking to Ser Perth.
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