Hanley D'Urvain is a mage residing in the Redcliffe Village in 9:41 Dragon.


Hanley originates from the Cumberland Circle of Magi. He was not participating in the mage rebellion, but when the Circles followed the Grand Enchanter Fiona's decision to rebel, he simply followed his First Enchanter, as he always has, and she lead him to Redcliffe.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Hanley hangs around the Redcliffe Village, in front of the Hero of Ferelden statue. He will introduce himself to the Inquisitor and express his concern about Fiona's deal with the Tevinters.

If the mages are recruited:

When the Inquisitor is sent a year forward in time to 9:42 Dragon, in a possible future where the Inquisition was defeated, Hanley joins the Venatori and becomes a torturer. When encountered by the Inquisitor, Hanley is torturing a Chantry priest. He is one of the Venatori leaders holding a red lyrium shard, needed to open the door leading to Alexius, and needs to be killed in order to obtain it.



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