Halla Treasure Hunt is an unmarked side quest in the Trespasser DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Acquisition Edit

Find the first map on a skeleton in The Crossroads which is immediately to the left (southeast) after passing through the first Eluvian.

Walkthrough Edit

After the first map is found, Halla statuettes can be found around the Winter Palace. Finding the first three statuettes displays a map to the next halla and causes that halla to appear, so they must be found in the order below.

  • The first halla statuette is beside the statue behind the bar
  • The second halla statuette is inside the central fountain
  • The third halla statuette is on the roof of the bath-house
  • The last halla statuette is at the top of balcony on the right set of stairs from the palace main gate
  • Afterwards place the Top Hat on the skeleton in the Crossroads.
Halla Treasure Hunt Map

Location of the halla statuettes in the Winter Palace

Rewards Edit

  • Each statue yields +1 Cunning
  • Obtaining four statues yields the Inquisition-Staff-Schematic-icon2 Encore Schematic
  • Returning the hat yields +6 Cunning

Gallery Edit

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