For The Avvar God Hakkon Wintersbreath, see Hakkon Wintersbreath (creature).

Hakkon Wintersbreath is the final main quest from the Jaws of Hakkon DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition.

The Jaws of Hakkon have released a dragon said to carry the spirit of an Avvar god. The dragon flew into the Frostback Basin and will wreak havoc unless stopped.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

Speak with Inquisitor Ameridan.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

After speaking with Ameridan at the Old Temple, return to Stone-Bear Hold. The High dragon containing Hakkon Wintersbreath has flown to the southern side of the basin, just north of The Lady's Rest. The beast has frozen a huge portion of Cloudcap Lake solid, leaving a large glacier near the boathouse. Travel here to confront Hakkon.

For the actual battle see, Hakkon Wintersbreath (creature).

After the battle, speak with Lead Scout Harding, then return to Stone-Bear Hold and speak with Thane Svarah Sun-Hair.

The 'death' of a god

Results[edit | edit source]

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Completing the quest yields:

  • 2,650 XP
  • Influence 3,000
  • Power 4

Defeating Hakkon Wintersbreath yields:

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