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Hafter is a legendary Alamarri warrior, the first man to be named teyrn. More than half of the noble houses in Ferelden claim lineage from him.[1]


Hafter was said to be the son of another legendary hero, Dane of the Werewolves.[2] In 1:40 Divine, during the Second Blight, Hafter united the Alamarri to drive back the darkspawn horde that came from the Deep Roads. He was said to be the greatest warrior of his time.[3]

Even though the Alammari were weakened by their struggle with the darkspawn, in 1:50 Hafter defeated a combined invasion by the Avvars and Chasind, who hoped to take advantage of the situation. Numerous battles were fought with both tribes, ultimately driving the Avvars deep into the Frostback Mountains and the Chasind back into the Korcari Wilds. Hafter's victories earned him great respect from the Alamarri, and he was named the first teyrn.[1][4][5]

Hafter's ascension marked a long period of peace, and he ruled with an iron fist for over 30 years. The Alamarri became the dominant force in the valley, and while the darkspawn tried to invade again several times, they were fought off. It is said that the aged Hafter took his blade and his first son and sailed east into the Amaranthine Ocean. He was not seen again.[4]

Hafter's wife, Teyrna Isulde, ruled in his stead and won a civil war of her own to retain Hafter's legacy.[6]

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