Hadriana is a Tevinter magister and the apprentice of Danarius.

Background Edit

Hadriana is described as a social climber who was cruel to her master's slaves, depriving them food and sleep. Fenris claims she would sell her own children in order to please her master. She was mocked and laughed at by other magisters, and so this ridicule led to her cruelty, steadily tearing away the decency within her.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

Hadriana is involved in the companion quest, A Bitter Pill.

Danarius sent her Kirkwall to re-capture his escaped slave, Fenris. Hadriana sends another mage and several soldiers to apprehend Fenris while he and Hawke cross the Wounded Coast. However the ambush fails and Fenris and Hawke learn of Hadriana's arrival. With Fenris and Hawke in pursuit, Hadriana prepares to face Fenris at the Holding Caves outside Kirkwall, securing the slave pens with soldiers and sacrificing Orana's family to enhance her magic for the confrontation with Fenris.

Hadriana offers Fenris information about his past if he agrees to spare her, and reveals that he still has some living family; a sister, Varania. Fenris agrees, though after Hadriana keeps her end of the bargain, Fenris slays her anyway.


In combat, If you cast Petrify on her and then cast Gravitic Ring with her in the middle, she will not attack anymore and will become unkillable.

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