The Guerrin family is a noble family from Ferelden, claiming the Arling of Redcliffe as well as the Bannorn of Rainesfere. They hold the fortress at Redcliffe, one of the most strategically vital points of Ferelden's defense.

History[edit | edit source]

The Guerrin family rose to greater prominence during the Orlesian occupation of Ferelden. Initially they submitted to the Orlesians, not believing that King Brandel Theirin was capable of organizing an effective resistance. However once Queen Moira Theirin succeeded her father as the leader of the rebellion, she was able to galvanize the many dissenters within the country forming a real opposition to the Orlesians. Eventually deciding she needed Arl Rendorn Guerrin's aid, Queen Moira at no small risk to her person, allowed herself to be captured by the Arl's troops. Rendorn refused to turn her over to the Orlesians and eventually she was able to convince him to join the rebellion outright. Rendorn sent his two sons, Eamon and Teagan to the Free Marches for safety, while his daughter Rowan stayed behind to assist him in the campaign.[1]

At a young age, as part of a political alliance, Prince Maric Theirin was betrothed to Rowan and the two grew closer over the years. Rendorn and his daughter Rowan both came to have a major impact on the rebellion, with Rendorn acting as the leader for the rebel armies and Rowan serving on the front lines as a knight. It was Rowan who rescued Maric and a young Loghain Mac Tir from the Korcari Wilds and she later went on to kill Felix, the cousin of the Orlesian usurper King Meghren in battle.[2]

Eamon Guerrin, son of Rendorn

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Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne.

Impressed by his tactical skill, Rendorn eventually promoted Loghain to the rank of commander of the rebel army and had him lead a division during the battle of West Hill. Loghain came to suspect however the battle was a trap and quit the field along with Rowan in order to rescue Maric. The battle was a disaster and the rebel forces were devastated, culminating in Arl Rendorn's death.[3]

Rowan and Loghain, along with the help of Katriel were able to rescue Maric and return to Gwaren, re-energizing the rebels and leading them to an overwhelming victory at the Battle of River Dane where they ambushed two legions of Chevaliers. After the occupation ended, Maric married Rowan and were crowned King and Queen of Ferelden. In 9:5 Dragon Rowan gave birth to a son, Prince Cailan Theirin. Rowan however became ill and passed away just three years later in 9:8 Dragon, leaving a husband, a son and a nation in mourning.

Rendorn's eldest son, Eamon Guerrin, was appointed Arl of Redcliffe after the war and became a powerful and well liked figure in the Landsmeet while his younger brother, Teagan Guerrin was named Bann of Rainesfere. Arl Eamon married an Orlesian noble woman named Isolde who was a member of the Orlesian family which had been appointed to Redcliffe. Despite their vastly different backgrounds, the two fell in love and married, a matter which caused no small amount of controversy so soon after the occupation had ended.

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Dragon Age: Origins.

Eamon also played a role in raising Alistair, his brother-in-law King Maric's bastard son. Eamon was quite fond of the boy, however Arlessa Isolde resented the rumours which mistakenly believed that the boy was Eamon's son and at her request he was given to the Chantry to be trained as a templar.

Isolde eventually gave birth to a son, Connor Guerrin, unbeknownst to Arl Eamon however, his son Connor was in fact a mage. Arlessa Isolde, fearing losing her son to the Circle of Magi, arranged for an Apostate mage outside the circle to instruct her son in order to hide his magical talents. Teyrn Loghain Mac Tir instructed that apostate to poison Arl Eamon, fearing Eamon's influence at the Landsmeet would prevent him from regaining control of Ferelden in the wake of the Battle of Ostagar. Connor, unable to watch his father slowly dying, made a compact with a Demon to save his life in exchange for being possessed. Now in control of the young mage, the demon massacred many of the inhabitants of Castle Redcliffe, before sending a legion of undead to lay waste to Redcliffe Village.

If the Hero of Ferelden used Jowan's ritual: Ultimately the Hero of Ferelden was able to rescue Connor at the cost of his mother's life powering the Blood Magic ritual.

If the Hero of Ferelden chose to kill Connor: Ultimately the Hero of Ferelden was unable to rescue Connor and was left with no choice but to kill him.

If the Hero of Ferelden used the Circle of Magi's ritual: Thankfully the Hero of Ferelden was able to rescue Connor and avoid sacrificing arlessa Isolde's life thanks to some assistance from the Circle of Magi.

Thanks to a pinch of Andraste's ashes, Arl Eamon recovered from the poison and convened a Landsmeet at Denerim to challenge the legitimacy of Teyrn Loghain's regency. At Eamon's suggestion, the future Hero of Ferelden broke into the Arl of Denerim's Estate in order to rescue Queen Anora Mac Tir who was being held there by Rendon Howe of Amaranthine.

At the Landsmeet, Arl Eamon presented the opening statement on behalf of those aligned against Regent Loghain. Once the Landsmeet was concluded, Eamon returned to Redcliffe, believed to be the intended target of the Darkspawn horde to rally it's defense. Once it was discovered that Denerim was in fact the darkspawn's true objective, both Eamon and Teagan joined the allies in the final battle, with Eamon fighting personally against the Archdemon atop Fort Drakon.

If Alistair was made sole ruler or made King and married Anora as his Queen: After King Alistair Theirin's coronation, both Teagan and Eamon go on to serve as aides to the new King.

If Anora was made sole ruler: After the Blight was ended, Eamon returned to Redcliffe.

If Connor was killed: After the Blight was ended, Eamon and Isolde conceived another child, this time a daughter, named Rowan, after his late sister. Isolde died during childbirth.

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Dragon Age II.

If Anora was made sole ruler and Loghain was spared: After the Blight was ended, Eamon returned to Redcliffe. Several years later, Teagan Guerrin was sent to find Alistair and tell him his exile had been lifted and he was free to return to Ferelden.

If Isolde lived: Teagan and Isolde were both guests at a party at Chateau Haine held by Duke Prosper to celebrate the annual Wyvern hunt where they met Hawke, the Champion of Kirkwall.

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Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Eamon eventually decided to retire and named his brother as the new Arl of Redcliffe. The Guerrin's were briefly displaced from their traditional home of Redcliffe Castle by the Venatori but regained the castle not long after.

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Teagan was dispatched to the Winter Palace in Orlais at the request of the Fereldan monarch, to represent Ferelden at the Exalted Council.

Notable Guerrins[edit | edit source]

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Dragon Age: Origins.

  • Connor Guerrin, son of Arl Eamon and Isolde. Would be Heir but cannot be due to being a mage who are unable to hold titles.
  • Rowan Guerrin. Named after the late Queen, daughter of Arl Eamon and Isolde. Like her brother, she is a mage. She will only be born if Connor is killed.

  • Jacen Guerrin, former Arl of Redcliffe.[4]
  • Dorcas Guerrin, Chantry Sister and author of such works as Living Redcliffe.[5]
  • Arl Tiranon Guerrin, former Arl of Redcliffe and a successful man.[6]
  • Lornan Guerrin, son to Arl Tiraron.[7]

Family Tree[edit | edit source]

Rendorn Guerrin
Marina Aurum
Maric Theirin
Rowan Guerrin
Eamon Guerrin
Teagan Guerrin
Cailan Theirin
Connor Guerrin

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Ser Ferris the Red might also be a Guerrin. He is Teagan's great-uncle and hero of Ferelden.[8] Furthermore, Ferris owned the Helm of the Red and was described as a trickster.
  • According to the Epilogue, Kaitlyn can also become a Guerrin by marrying Teagan.

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