For information about the specialization in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening, see Guardian.
For information about Aveline's specialization in Dragon Age II, see Guardian (Dragon Age II).

The Guardian is a disciple of Andraste. He has remained alive for centuries, and will not abandon his guard until the Tevinter Imperium is destroyed.


The Guardian was among the first Disciples of Andraste to watch over the temple and prepare the way for pilgrims to honor Andraste. He also tells of how the dragon cult came to be when the ancestor of Kolgrim saw himself as a new prophet. Some disagreed and were slain.




(When the Warden informs that the Tevinter is not as powerful as it used to be)

  • "Ah... is it not? Then perhaps this is the beginning of the end..."
  • "Our Andraste has gone to the Maker's side; She will not return. The dragon is a fearsome creature, and they must have seen her as an alternative to the absent Maker and His silent Andraste. A true believer would not require such audacious displays of power."
  • "There is suffering in your past; your suffering and the suffering of others."
  • "The way is open. Good luck and may you find what you seek."
  • [At the end of the Gauntlet] "You have been through the trials of the Gauntlet. You have walked the path of Andraste, and like Her, you have been cleansed. You have proven yourself worthy, pilgrim."


  • Facially the Guardian bears a strong resemblance to Kolgrim, offering further evidence that the Guardian and his companions were ancestors to the current cult members.
  • Oghren theorises that the Guardian's unnaturally long lifespan is due to the large amount of lyrium he can sense in the mountain.
  • The Guardian is a clear reference to Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, where there was a soldier who had lived for centuries awaiting the day when someone would come and be worthy to choose the Holy Grail. Interestingly, the temple itself bears some similarities to the Indiana Jones temple, where there was a trap that required the person to go solely on faith (walking over a chasm for Indiana Jones, walking through fire for The Warden)
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