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For Aveline's specialization in Dragon Age II, see Guardian (Dragon Age II).
For Andraste's disciple, see Guardian (character).

Guardian is a warrior specialization in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening with a focus on defense.

Guardian Talents[]

Guardian's Shield Guardian's Shield
Range: Personal
Activation: 40
Cooldown: 30s
Requires: Level 20
The guardian, dedicated to protecting allies, builds a shield around a party member that absorbs an amount of damage based on the guardian's constitution attribute. Master Guardian increases the strength of the shield.
Fortifying Presence Fortifying Presence
Range: Personal
Activation: 50
Cooldown: 10s
Requires: Level 22
The guardian sheaths the entire party in mystical protection, granting each member a temporary bonus to armor, with strength and duration both dependent on the guardian's constitution attribute. Master Guardian increases the armor bonus.
Master Guardian Master Guardian
Requires: Level 25
The guardian has committed to life as a true defender. Guardian's Shield now absorbs more damage, Fortifying Presence now provides a greater armor bonus.
Aura of the Stalwart Defender Aura of the Stalwart Defender
Range: Personal
Upkeep: 100
Fatigue: 10%
Cooldown: 10s
Requires: Level 28
While this mode is active, the guardian makes a personal sacrifice in order to preserve allies, creating a field that pulls a foe back towards the guardian if it tries to leave the field unless the enemy passes a physical resistance check. This mode can only be activated during combat.



The following will allow for the Warden to obtain the specialization without having to purchase the manual:

  • Save just prior to purchasing the specialization manual
  • Proceed to purchase the manual
  • Once the specialization has been unlocked reload to the save
Note: This exploit works for all specialization manuals.