Guard is a combat mechanic in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Description[edit | edit source]

Guard: A type of combat training that protects the target from damage. Incoming attacks must deplete the guard before the target loses health. Some abilities, spells, and weapons do bonus damage against a target's guard. A target with an active guard resists being staggered or knocked down.

--Codex entry: Status Effects

Guard generation and loss[edit | edit source]

A warrior's guard at full.

There are two aspects of guard generation, the maximum guard and things that add to guard. The latter increases guard (seen as a metal colored mesh over the health bar) until the maximum is reached. Increasing the maximum increases the amount of guard that can be added. Guard that would be added after the maximum is reached is discarded.

Unlike Barrier, guard does not decay over time. Instead, guard is removed when one of the following occurs:

  • No loss
    • Riding a mount as either the rider or in the party
    • Swapping members of the party in and out using the Change Party station in camps
    • Claiming a fort
  • Incremental loss
    • One point of damage reduces guard by one point, including damage from falling.
    • Loading a saved game can reduce the guard of the Inquisitor.
    • (Trespasser) Travelling through Eluvians has a chance of reducing guard.
  • Total loss:

If a character has both barrier and guard active, damage is applied first to the barrier, then to guard and finally to health. This is independent of whether the barrier or guard was applied first.

Maximum guard[edit | edit source]

The maximum guard is computed by taking the guard factor, multiplying it by the character's maximum health and rounding down, where the initial, unmodified guard factor is 25% and bonuses are additive to that percentage.[1] If, for example, health is 100 and the guard bonus from an item is 8%, then the new maximum guard is 100*(25%+8%) = 33.3 rounded down to 33.

Maximum guard increasing abilities[edit | edit source]

Bulwark Bulwark
Untouchable Defense Untouchable Defense

Maximum guard increasing items[edit | edit source]

Enhanced Guard Belt Enhanced Guard Belt
Evanura Evanura
Guard Belt Guard Belt
Master Guard Belt Master Guard Belt
Superior Guard Belt Superior Guard Belt
Wintersbreath Wintersbreath

Gaining guard[edit | edit source]

Guard is gained from the use of activated abilities or as a benefit from items, usually as a consequence of hitting an enemy. Guard that is gained from active abilities like War Cry do not depend on the level or aggression of the taunted creature. It is thus possible to build up guard by following a slow moving animal like a Gurn around and taunting it until guard reaches full.

Guard gaining abilities[edit | edit source]

Challenge Challenge
Charging Bull Charging Bull
En Garde En Garde
Flawless Defense Flawless Defense
Fortifying Blast Fortifying Blast
Rally Rally
Shield Wall Shield Wall
Siege-Breaker Siege-Breaker
Still Standing Still Standing
War Cry War Cry

Crafting materials that add guard[edit | edit source]

Fade-Touched Onyx (Guard) Fade-Touched Onyx (Guard)
Fade-Touched Obsidian (Guard) Fade-Touched Obsidian (Guard)
Fade-Touched Silverite (Guard) Fade-Touched Silverite (Guard)
Sigil of the Bronto Sigil of the Bronto

Items that add guard[edit | edit source]

Andraste's Sacrifice Andraste's Sacrifice
Aurora's Freedom Aurora's Freedom
Bownammer Plate Bownammer Plate
Estwatch Guard Estwatch Guard
Magehunter Magehunter
Masterwork Battlemaster Mail Masterwork Battlemaster Mail
Masterwork Vanguard Mail Masterwork Vanguard Mail
Savage Thorn Savage Thorn
The Divine The Divine
The Last Stand The Last Stand
Valos Atredum Valos Atredum

Damaging guard[edit | edit source]

Guard is normally damaged at a rate of one point of damage per one point of guard. This damage can be increased by the various abilities and items below, each of which give a bonus as a percentage. The final guard damage is computed by adding 100% to the sum of the bonuses and multiplying that by the damage done. For example, if the damage is 50, and Ring The Bell is activated in the attack (bonus 400%), then the final guard damage is 50 * (100% + 400%) = 250.

If the damage is greater than the guard, the guard damage bonus is ignored, the guard deducted from the damage and the remainder applied to health.[2]

Guard Damaging Abilities[edit | edit source]

Break Their Spirit Break Their Spirit
Guard-Smasher Guard-Smasher
Ring the Bell Ring the Bell
Spirit Blade Spirit Blade
Unblockable Force Unblockable Force

Crafting materials that add damage to guard[edit | edit source]

Pyrophite Pyrophite
Summer Stone Summer Stone
Volcanic Aurum Volcanic Aurum

Items that add damage to guard[edit | edit source]

Accuser's Staff Accuser's Staff
Avvar War-Maul Avvar War-Maul
Bane of Red Crossing Bane of Red Crossing
Compound Crossbow Arms Compound Crossbow Arms
Enhanced Ring of Guard Penetration Enhanced Ring of Guard Penetration
Knightslayer Knightslayer
Mark's Mangled Mace Mark's Mangled Mace
Mhemet's War Hammer Mhemet's War Hammer
Punched by the Maker Punched by the Maker
Pyre of the Forgotten Pyre of the Forgotten
Ring of Guard Penetration Ring of Guard Penetration
Ring of Smashing Ring of Smashing
Saboteur's Knife Saboteur's Knife
Superb Ring of Guard Penetration Superb Ring of Guard Penetration
The Sunless Staff The Sunless Staff

References[edit | edit source]

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