Griffons, sometimes known as "aerials,"[1] are giant flying creatures with the bodies of lions and the heads, wings, and talons of eagles. They became extinct during the Storm Age.


The griffons were native to the Wandering Hills and the northern reaches of the Hunterhorn Mountains. They were fierce predators, but certain groups among the Orth managed to forge alliances with the creatures. Some of these folk later joined the Grey Wardens and taught their new brothers how to ride griffons in battle. The griffon trainers had a bond with their griffons and both knew what they wanted from their relationship. For the griffon that meant grooming.[2]

The Wardens experimented with relocating griffons' eyries, but no chicks ever survived.[3] The Blights devastated the eyries and the griffons slowly died off, finally becoming extinct during the Storm Age. Rumors occasionally surface of them surviving in some remote area, but have always come to naught.

The griffons' fur and plumage varied from charcoal black to brilliant white, with most bearing grey hues. Many Grey Wardens believe that it was this coloration that inspired their order's name. The Griffon Rampant remains the symbol of the Grey Wardens to this day, and griffon iconography appears on many Grey Warden artifacts.[3] The High Constable, the second-in-command to the First Warden, was the aerial commander during the time of the griffons.[4]


  • Some of the armor that was used by the Grey Warden griffon riders can be found in the Grey Warden Vault in Denerim.
  • Weisshaupt Fortress contains aeries the griffons of old used to breed.[5] Aeries appear to be referred to as weyrs in Dragon Age: Inquisition.[6] Coincidentally there is a location in Antiva known as The Weyrs.
  • Corff the Bartender is apparently working on a novel involving something called "Speed Griffons".


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