The Greater Tome of the Mortal Vessel is a tome that when used, gives the reader +2 attribute points which can be immediately applied.

Acquisition Edit

  • The item was also originally supposed to be available in Origins, but was later cut from the game (see below).

Cut Content Edit

The Greater Tome of the Mortal Vessel is a usable item that does not normally appear in the game. An earlier version presumably did make it available, as the tome is mentioned in the official strategy guide.

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

Examination of the toolset reveals that had the player killed the Shopkeeper in Haven but ultimately sided with the Cult of Andraste during the The Urn of Sacred Ashes quest, a new shopkeeper would have appeared in Haven with the tome in his inventory. The shopkeeper can be found in the toolset, and even has recorded dialogue, but he is not placed in the Haven shop, and there is no code for triggering his appearance.

Workarounds Edit

Toolset Edit

Note: The toolset is 507MB in size. Slower internet connections may have trouble downloading it.

How to add the Greater Tome of the Mortal Vessel to your game:

This requires that you have downloaded and installed the toolset.

  1. Open the toolset and then open the single player module (File > Manage Modules > Single Player).
  2. Click the merchants tab in the palette window, then find and open the "Sacred Urn" folder.
  3. Now open the "urn130ar_village_shop" folder. Right click on the item named "store_urn130cr_shopkeeper" and choose "Open Local Copy".
  4. In the window that on the left, double-click on "Inventory".
  5. Open the "_Global" folder in the list on the left. Find and open "Quick Items", and then "Unique".
  6. Select the item "gen_im_qck_book_attribute2 (Greater Tome of The Mortal Vessel)", click the "Add" button, and then "Ok".
  7. Export your changes (Tools > Export > Export without dependent resources), and save when prompted. You can now close the toolset.
  8. Load a save in which your character has yet to enter Haven. The tome will be available for purchase in the village shop.

Third Party Mod Edit

A simpler and quicker way to get this item is to use an unofficial mod that allows you to add items if you know their ID code. More about this can be found here.

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