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A Greater Injury Kit is a usable item in Dragon Age: Origins. Upon consumption the user instantly regains 40 health and is cured of all injuries.


This kit can be purchased by the following merchants:


A Greater Injury Kit costs 1Gold 0Silver 80Bronze to craft (using supplies purchased from the least expensive merchants). They are the most cost-effective option only when curing 6 or more injuries. They cost more per injury in comparison to using lesser injury kits if curing 5 or less injuries, and more per injury in comparison to using injury kits if curing 4 or less injuries. (Other factors should be taken into consideration when determining which type to use, such as the cooldown time or the amount of healing received.)

Cost per injury (4 injuries): 25Silver 20Bronze
Cost per injury (5 injuries): 20Silver 16Bronze
Cost per injury (6 injuries): 16Silver 80Bronze


Recipe Makes Ingredients Required skill
Rcp ico herbalism 4
Ico major injury kit
Greater Injury Kit
Rgt ico elfroot
Rgt ico deepmush
Rgt ico distill agnt
Rgt ico conc agnt
Skl ico herbalism 4

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