A "Great" dragon is a powerful, rare, and ancient form of dragon, distinct from high dragons, in terms of size and intelligence.

Awakening Edit

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Dragon Age: Until We Sleep.

In modern times they have been awakened from their slumber by Yavana, an Antivan Witch of the Wilds. They appear physically similar to High dragons. Their existence was revealed in Dragon Age: The Silent Grove and their differentiation from High dragons revealed in Dragon Age Library Edition Volume 1.[1]

Blood of great dragons Edit

The blood of Great dragons can confer enormous power. According to Aurelian Titus in Dragon Age: Until We Sleep, the Dreamers of ancient times commanded The Fade. The last Tevinter magisters were close to reclaiming this power, and "All they needed was the blood of the Great dragons."[2] He further states, "With it, I have tapped the power of gods."

Dragonfire Edit

The Great dragon blood gives Aurelian Titus the ability to wield a magic called dragonfire. According to him, "It might have been their birthright. Instead it kills."[3] The full extent of this power is unknown.

Involvement Edit

Dragon Age: The Silent Grove Edit

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Dragon Age: The Silent Grove.

Dragons are first seen in Chapter 3 of Dragon Age: The Silent Grove when King Alistair and his party are attacked in the Tellari Swamps by a dragon. The dragon halts and its mistress Yavana appears. In Chapter 4 Yavana reveals that the dragon did not attack Alistair because, as Yavana says, "She can smell the old blood in you, son of kings." Yavana leads the group to the Silent Grove, a haven for dragons from the ignorance and cruelty of mankind. She says that Flemeth saved King Maric Theirin's life years ago and that, as payment, "He was permitted to restore his kingdom and play ruler until his children were grown. But after, he was to come to me here." The nature of her bargain with Maric is not disclosed until later.

In Chapter 6, Yavana leads Alistair's party back to the Silent Grove, and allows Alistair alone to follow her down into the pit within her sanctum. Watched by a dragon, they enter a huge cavern bathed in a blue glow and full of crystalline eggs. Yavana explains that they are in the Hall of Sleepers: when dragons were almost extinguished the few that remained were called by the builders of the temple to rest in it until awakened by power. Yavana revived a few that didn't die in their sleep and they became the first dragons to roam Thedas in many ages. But the Great ones were beyond her reach until Maric arrived: the blood of King Calenhad Theirin in Maric called to the Queen of dragons and awakened her. She reveals that Aurelian Titus took Maric to gain the power of his blood. Yavana then asks Alistair to awaken the last of the Great ones, thus absolving Maric of his promise to Flemeth. She tempts him with the suggestion that once recovered Maric can reclaim the throne and Alistair will be free of the unwanted burden of kingship. Alistair rejects her offer, saying that his purpose is justice, and runs Yavana through with his sword. Before leaving Alistair challenges the watching dragon but it does not harm him due to the power in his blood. As he leaves the cavern the dragon examines Yavana's body.

It is unknown if the dragon within the Hall of Sleepers is the Great dragon awakened by Maric or another High Dragon.

Dragon Age: Until We Sleep Edit

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Dragon Age: Until We Sleep.

Great dragon uws

Calenhad confronts the Great dragon.

In Chapter 1, Alistair's former companion during Dragon Age: Origins, Sten, now the Arishok, tells Alistair the Qunari version of the myth of King Calenhad, in which he gained the power to unite Ferelden by making a bargain with a mysterious witch to drink dragon blood, arguably becoming a Reaver in the process. The dragon slain by Calenhad was a Great dragon.[4]

The missing King Maric is later discovered attached to the Magrallen, a Tevinter device empowered by Maric's blood via the Great dragon blood he carries, and which the magister Aurelian Titus is using to fuel his own magic in order to restore the glory of the Tevinter Imperium.

In Chapter 3 during the final battle with Alistair, his companions, and King Maric within the Fade, Aurelian Titus conjures the head of a Great dragon to attack Maric, saying "Die by what wrought you."

Notes Edit

  • Based on Yavana's conversation with Alistair in Chapter 6 of The Silent Grove, there is one confirmed Great dragon awake and at large in Thedas: the Queen of the dragons. The last remaining Great dragon lies asleep and can only be awakened by the blood of the line of Calenhad.

References Edit

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