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* 250XP and 1{{g}}
* 250XP
* 1{{g}}

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Grease the Wheels is a quest received from The Blackstone Irregulars Quest Board. In order to ensure the continued smooth operation of the Irregulars, you have to deliver thanks to several hooded couriers around Denerim.


Find each of the five couriers and deliver the thanks. Return to any Blackstone representative to claim the reward.

Note that this quest can only be obtained in Redcliffe, and that the Blackstone Irregulars representative in that town will not appear if you allow it to fall to the undead, thus barring you from starting it.

Bug icon.png Bug! It is possible when you deliver one of the thanks that the quest will not update. The courier will respond and leave however. This will prevent you from ever completing the quest unless you load the game from before the delivery.
Landmark Location details
Denerim Market District Directly east of Wade's Emporium.
The Pearl Front room, as soon as you enter.
Elven Alienage To the left as you come over the bridge from the market.
Dark Alley North side of map against the west wall.
Run-Down Back Street Southeast corner of the map.


  • 250XP
  • 1Gold


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