Gravitic Ring is a mage talent from the Force Mage specialization in Dragon Age II.


  • Enemy attack speed and movement speed reduced based on distance from epicentre


Gravitic Ring Gravitic Sphere
Range: 18m
Requires: Level 14
Requires: 4 points in Force Mage
Gravitic Ring now affects a larger area.

Size: +6m (total: 18m)


-Enemies at the exact center of the technique suffer a 100% reduction to movement and attack speed. Locking them in place. Enemies capable of taking to the air seem to be able to escape the immobilizing effect. On virtually all other opponents, the paralyzing effect is complete and inescapable, so long as they are not blasted out of the epicenter by a talent or critical hit.

-A bug is possible where if your companions were affected with the 100% reduction in this spell, they completely freeze up and become unresponsive through the rest of combat and even after combat ends. Controlling the party member yourself will not even fix this issue. When this occurs, the only way to fix this is to either conclude combat then run across the map (if you get far enough away your companions will transport over to you) or to use a spell on them in combat that will physically move the character (such as Pull of the Abyss or Telekinetic Burst). Either solution will fix your character back to 100% movement (confirmed on PS3).

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