See this pin? This was given to me by the prince, and it signifies that I speak for him. In ALL things.

Granger is a seneschal to Prince Sebastian Vael of Starkhaven around 9:44 Dragon.

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Dragon Age: Knight Errant.

Granger is first met by Ser Aaron Hawthorne and his entourage - his squire, Vaea, and a travelling companion, Viscount Varric Tethras - at the gates of Starkhaven, where they arrive for the prince's birthday. Prior to welcoming them, Granger is having an argument with Prince Vael, trying to convince the Prince to let him torture their prisoners, which Sebastian refuses to do.

When Granger assumes that Vaea is Ser Aaron's elven servant, Sebastian explains that Vaea is not a servant, but a squire to Ser Aaron. As Granger leads the party inside, he adds that he needs to find an extra room for Vaea for he did not expect a squire to arrive with Hawthorne.

Granger's pin

Granger's pin

Some time later, when Vaea is sneaking around Starkhaven, she encounters Granger berating an elven boy in the stables, threatening to throw him and his family out of the Alienage if he messes up the stables again. He then points to his pin, and claims that it was given to him by the prince and therefore gives him power.

In the evening, he attends the party. Cedric Marquette argues with Ser Aaron and points out that many thefts are always reported in the cities he visits, to which Aaron replies that he is always accounted for, making it impossible for him to be the thief. This prompts Granger to look around the room and realise that Vaea is not there. He proceeds to ask a human servant if Vaea has been to the party at all.

When Professor Marquette once again confronts Ser Aaron over the thefts, Granger defends his honor. However, he quickly accuses Vaea of being the thief in question, announcing that there has been a jailbreak in the palace while Vaea was nowhere to be seen. Ser Aaron defends his squire's honor. Shortly after, Granger leaves the party to investigate a disturbance. He catches Vaea red-handed in Sebastian's chambers, accusing her of slaughtering the guards. As he starts leading her to the cells, Granger is knocked out by Ser Aaron.

Granger awakens a few moments later and asks Ser Aaron to explain his actions. He gives Ser Aaron the option to use Vaea as a scapegoat to avoid a diplomatic problem between the Free Marches and Ferelden, but Ser Aaron refuses. Instead he confesses and asks that Vaea be exonerated. Before Granger can arrest him, Vaea returns and claims to have stopped the thief Ser Aaron sent her to catch, Cedric Marquette. She also claims that one of his men fled with the red lyrium journal. While Granger doesn't believe her, Sebastian is quite taken by her exploits and believes her story over Granger's. Vaea and Ser Aaron quickly leave Sebastian's palace while vowing to "chase the journal's thief", but not before Vaea kisses Granger on the cheek and steals his pin to give it to the young elven boy Granger was threatening earlier.

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