Grandin is an elf scout of the Inquisition.

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Grandin is part of the Inquisition deployment sent to the Frostback Basin. Formerly a member of the Circle of Magi, Grandin was never an effective Mage as he lacked the great talent for magic. A close friend of Lead Scout Lace Harding, Grandin has been serving closely with several members of the team from the University of Orlais assisting the Inquisition's research.

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Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Grandin's friend Jace was killed by the Jaws of Hakkon. Grandin was deeply grieved over the loss of his friend and later when Grandin's patrol was attacked by Hakkonites, he was fatally wounded. In his dying breaths, a Rage demon offered to aid him and Grandin accepted. Now an abomination, Grandin effortlessly eviscerated the Hakkonite attackers and cut a bloody swathe through the Basin composed of Hakkonite corpses.

Lead Scout Harding eventually requests the Inquisitor personally investigate Grandin's disappearance, which leads to the discovery Grandin has left his post and the remains of the Hakkonites. Grandin is eventually tracked down to the Ancient Culvert, where he apologizes for leaving his post without permission and swears revenge on the Jaws of Hakkon. Grandin also reveals that he was willingly possessed by the demon and swears that he will continue to fight in the Inquisition's service. The Inquisitor can allow him to leave to hunt more Hakkonites, or deem the situation too dangerous and slay the Rage Abomination there.

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Quest icon DAI The Loss of a Friend

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  • In a half destroyed hut that can be found in the northern part of the Frostback Basin, there is a searchable area that will reveal a letter from Jace—the man whose death affected Grandin so greatly—written to his relations. It does not appear in the codex and is labeled only as 'An Unsent Letter' with no further indication of its connection to Grandin's quest. It does mention Grandin, however, though not by name.

Aunt Jacqueline,

Last time I wrote, I was whining about going to the Frostback Basin. Yes, I admit to whining. Before we left, I even tried to convince Gerard to take my place. I suppose I was afraid and didn't want to say it.

But now I will gladly say I was an idiot. The journey here has been incredible. I feel like I have a purpose. That sounds pretentious, doesn't it? But I'm finally doing something interesting and important. I've even made friends with some of the Inquisition soldiers. One of them has never been to Val Royeaux. Last year I would have laughed at that, but—he is better traveled than I am, why would I judge him? Even so, I promised to show him the city the next time he has leave from Skyhold.

I may not have time to write again for a while. Everything is so busy here.


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