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The Grand clerics of the Imperial Chantry are its second-highest religious authority, behind only the Divine himself.


When Emperor Kordillus Drakon I decreed Divine Justinia I head of the Andrastian religion, it greatly upset the people of Tevinter, who considered their land the Holy Land and had been organizing their own form of Andrastianism long before Drakon. To ease the tensions between the Tevinter Chantry and the Orlesian Chantry, the Archon's role within the Chantry was reduced to a ceremonial position and power transferred to the hands of the grand clerics.

The grand clerics of the Tevinter Chantry repeatedly petitioned the Orlesian Chantry to recognize their position, but were denied on the grounds that they admitted men within their ranks.[1] Eventually, the Orlesian Chantry declared the entire Tevinter clergy heretics, leading the Archon to appoint Grand Cleric Valhail, who was not only male but also a mage of the Tevinter Circle, to the position of Divine.


The Imperial Divine is generally elected from the ranks of the Imperial grand clerics. All grand clerics of the Imperial Chantry are members of one of Tevinter's Circle of Magi and have a seat on the Magisterium.

Known Imperial grand clerics[]

  • Valhail – was elected first Imperial Divine in 3:87 Towers[2]

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