The Grand Necropolis is a large mausoleum in Nevarra City and the domain of the Mortalitasi.

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Unlike other Andrastian nations, who cremate their dead, the Nevarrans prefer mummification. The preserved corpses are then placed in elaborate tombs to serve as safe hosts to Fade spirits. The Grand Necropolis is a mausoleum for such dead, so large as to be almost a city in itself.[1]

Nevarrans are taught that the Grand Necropolis is a fitting resting place for the bodies of all good souls destined to sit by the side of the Maker.[2] It is considered an honor to be interred in the Necropolis.[3] Many noble and royal families have mansions inside the Necropolis, such as the Pentaghasts and the Van Markhams. The body of King Caspar the Magnificent is kept inside the Pentaghast family crypts, in a massive throne room. Children of the royal family, like Cassandra Pentaghast, are sometimes brought to meet King Caspar.[4]

While there are public open-air gardens, access to the lower crypts is heavily restricted, even to the dead. The geography of the lower reaches is variable, meaning that the lower halls and chambers may not always be in the same place at the same time. This has a disorienting effect on visitors, and has successfully prevented any attempts at robbery.[2] There are ritual chambers in the deeper parts of the Necropolis. The spirits bound to the corpses of the Mortalitasi's greatest mages empower their rituals.[5]

The Mourn Watchers, an order within the Mortalitasi, are the keepers of the Grand Necropolis. The Necropolis is also guarded by the undead. There are also bone creatures in the lower reaches, uncatalogued even by the Mortalitasi. Wards inside the crypts deter most minor, errant spirits, which makes premature spirit possession near the Necropolis nearly impossible.[2]

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Dragon Age: Tevinter Nights.

BioWare canon
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Down Among the Dead Men

The Mourn Watch investigates the premature possession of Lord Penrick Karn's corpse during his funeral procession. The Watcher Myrna takes Audric Felhausen, one of the guards present during the funeral, to the Grand Necropolis. Together, they destroy the pride demon that had taken possession of the corpse.

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