The Grand Forest Villa is a fortress on the edges of Hinterlands.

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The villa was built during the Storm Age[1] by the contemporary Arl of Redcliffe, Jacen Guerrin. Despite being married to a woman, Jacen was ostensibly either gay or bisexual, and in a relationship with a Bard and swordman by the name of Ser Corram.[1] Jacen's wife knew about the extra marital relationship of her husband, but insisted that Ser Corram does not stay with them at Redcliffe Castle.[1] And thus the Arl built the fortress known as the Grand Forest Villa to house his lover. Arlessa Marguerite allowed Ser Corram to stay in the villa even past the Arl's death, and Ser Corram lived there until his peaceful death at the age on 90. He was burned in Arl Jacen's hunting cloak as ordered by the late Arlessa.

For about 300 years after Corram's death the villa was used for storage or as a summer house by the Guerrins, until the Fifth Blight, when the villa was abandoned due to the chaos surrounding the current The Arl of Redcliffe.

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This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

In 9:41 Dragon, the villa plays a significant role in a large lyrium smuggling operation. It is used as a base of operations for the bandits terrorizing the refuges in the Hinterlands. The outlaws have also teamed up with the Carta to mine Valammar, an abandoned dwarven thaig, to transport lyrium through the Hinterlands via the East Road using the docks in Lady Shayna's Valley.

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Quest icon DAI Deep Trouble
Quest icon DAI East Road Bandits
Quest icon DAI Return Policy
Quest icon DAI The Mercenary Fortress

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Astarium icon Astrariums in the Hinterlands

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Landmark icon Landmarks in the Hinterlands

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Mosaic Pieces icon The Fall 1/12 pieces:

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Oculara and Shards icon Shards in the Hinterlands

Skyhold Customizations Edit

Skyhold-Customization-icon Ferelden Banner - looted from a large chest in the room directly across from the villa's main entrance; see side quest The Mercenary Fortress.

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Song icon Saga of Tyrdda Bright-Axe, Avvar-Mother - unlocked after finding all Saga of Tyrdda Bright-Axe landmarks.

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Elfroot icon Elfroot
Embrium icon Embrium
Royal Elfroot icon Royal Elfroot
Spindleweed DAI icon Spindleweed

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Bear Hide icon Bear Hide
Fennec Fur icon Fennec Fur

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Iron icon Iron
Onyx icon Onyx

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  • Rare Belt Icon Enhanced Belt of Health - looted from the Mercenary Leader inside the villa; see side quest The Mercenary Fortress.
  • Masterwork Vanguar Mail icon Masterwork Vanguard Armor - also looted from the Mercenary Leader.
  • DAI Gatehouse Key Plot Item Icon Valammar Key - found on the overlook guarded by the Mercenary Leader.

Codex entries Edit

Codex icon DAI Codex entry: A Letter from the Carta
Codex icon DAI Codex entry: An Unsigned Letter
Codex icon DAI Codex entry: Grand Forest Villa
Codex icon DAI Codex entry: Saga of Tyrdda Bright-Axe, Avvar-Mother

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Text ico An Unsigned Letter

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