The city of Cumberland, location of Circle of Magi conclaves.[1]

The Grand Enchanter is the title given to a highly esteemed First Enchanter elected from the Circle of Magi in Thedas by the College of Enchanters. The Grand Enchanter is the highest-ranking mage in all of Thedas. The obligations and responsibilities of the position are not fully defined but it can be inferred that the position is one of overseeing the First Enchanters and interacting more directly with the Chantry in regard to the administration and conduct of the Circles of Magi. They also serve as an advisor to the Divine.

The Grand Enchanter appears to reside in Cumberland, where the conclaves of First Enchanters are typically held.[2]

Grand Enchanters wear white robes as a symbol of their position, as opposed to the black robes of First Enchanters.[3]

Known Grand Enchanters

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Asunder.

  • Fiona[5]: Her election to the position caused the College of First Enchanters to be disbanded by the Chantry due to her radical views.

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