The Grand Cathedral of Orlais is the heart of the Andrastian Chantry, and the seat of its leader, the Divine.

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Located within the opulent Orlesian capital of Val Royeaux, the Grand Cathedral is the centre of Chantry strength in all Thedas, and houses the figurehead of the religion, the Maker-anointed Divine. In the Grand Cathedral, the Chant of Light is sung in full, a process which takes a full two weeks to complete. In the audience chamber stands the Sunburst Throne, a seat reserved for the Divine.


The chamber with the Sunburst Throne

About 15 years before the Divine Age, the followers of the Cults of the Maker began building a temple dedicated to their god, as the new religion spread quickly in the Kingdom of Ciriane, also known as Orlais. About ten years later in -3 Ancient (1192 TE) Orlais becomes the Empire of Orlais, and its king, Kordillus Drakon, becomes the emperor as he conquers many lands which he then converts to his own religion. Drakon establishes Cults of the Maker as the main religion of the country, and founds Chantry. Since then the temple serves as centre of the Chantry.

Three years later, in 1:1 Divine, the first Divine is selected. Justinia I is instated as leader of the religious order of Chantry at the still unfinished temple.

The Grand Cathedral is finished nearly two hundred years later in 2:99 Glory. Because of its two big towers visible for miles, the Towers Age is named.

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Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker Edit

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Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker.

During the ten year gathering of the chantry faithful, he blood mage Frenic unleashed high dragons which attacked the Grand Cathedral. At the time of the attack it is attended by thousands including Divine Beatrix III. However Seeker Cassandra Pentaghast manages to save the Divine and kill the dragons before defeating Frenic who allowed himself to be possessed by a pride demon.

Dragon Age: Asunder Edit

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Dragon Age: Asunder.

In 9:40 Dragon, a mage team escorted by templars and Lord Seeker Lambert meet Divine Justinia V in order to inform her the findings of Pharamond's research. Eventually it is decided for the College of Enchanters to be assembled in the White Spire where they can discuss the developments on tranquility.

Dragon Age: The Last Court Edit

If Serault sufficiently pleases Divine Justinia V...

Divine Justinia V grants Serault an extremely lucrative commission to replace all the windows in the Grand Cathedral with Serault's famous stained glass.

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