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|style = {{{style|}}}
|supertitle = Weapon
|name = [[Grace-Maker]]
|image = DA2 Grace-Maker - Carver-Restricted greatsword.jpg
|px = 272px
|type = [[Greatswords (Dragon Age II)|Greatsword]]
|icon = Greatsword gold DA2.png
|damage = 34 physical damage<br />''(56 per second)''
|material = Silverite
|value = 10651
|act = 3
|runes = 0
|restriction = [[Carver Hawke|Carver]]
|stats = {{ColorPositiveStat|+117 attack<br />+5% attack speed<br />+10% magic resistance}}
|notes = If Carver joins the [[Templars]] he will equip this sword.
|quests = [[The Last Straw]] & [[Legacy (quest)|Legacy]]
|item_id = gen_im_flw_two_carver_02
|appearances = [[Dragon Age II]] & [[Legacy|Legacy DLC]]
[[Grace-Maker]] is a unique [[Greatswords (Dragon Age II)|greatsword]] restricted to [[Carver Hawke]] in ''[[Dragon Age II]]''.
Carver will have this sword equipped if he is alive, became a [[Templars|Templar]], and re-joins Hawke's party during [[The Last Straw]] in Act 3, or for [[Legacy]] ([[DLC]]).
== Trivia ==
*Shares its model with several ''Dragon Age'' greatswords, including: [[Ageless]], [[Binky's Comfort]], [[The Celebrant]], [[Longbar Blade]], [[Magic Greatsword]], and [[Seeker of the Gray]].
*This sword and [[Seeker of the Gray]] have identical appearances despite being made of different materials.
[[Category:Dragon Age II greatswords]]
[[Category:Dragon Age II greatswords]]
[[Category:Dragon Age II unique weapons]]
[[Category:Dragon Age II unique weapons]]

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