Gordian is a former soldier of the Orlesian Imperial Army who was fighting on behalf of Empress Celene. Gordian became disillusioned with the War of the Lions and began encouraging desertions among the ranks with great success. Along with Maliphant, he helped form these deserters into the 'Freemen of the Dales' aiming to harrass both sides of the war, refugees and Inquisition troops with the goal of claiming the Dales for themselves. Gordian leads a group of the Freemen in the Exalted Plains.

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Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Gordian is actually a member of the Venatori sent to infiltrate the Orlesian forces to sow dissent to weaken Orlais in advance of the Elder One's invasion. Gordian began stockpiling the corpses from the war to prevent them from being burned in order to allow them to be more easily possessed by Demons. Gordian's plan is a resounding success and the new hordes of undead soon besiege both Celene and Gaspard's armies in their strongholds. When the Inquisition begins to expand into the Exalted Plains, Gordian directs the Freemen to keep them away from the ramparts to prevent them from stopping the supply of undead.

Eventually The Inquisitor is directed to the eastern ramparts by Marshal Proulx where Gordian is confronted and slain.

Quests Edit

Quest icon DAI Lay Rest the Eastern Ramparts

Gordian HoDA

Gordian in Heroes of Dragon Age

Spells Edit

Barrier (Inquisition) Barrier
Ice Mine Ice Mine
Fade Step Fade Step

  • Immunity: Frozen

Items: Edit

When defeated, Gordian may drop:

Silk Brocade icon Silk Brocade
DAI-stafficon10-common Enchanter Fire Staff

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