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The golem control rod is a magical object which allows the bearer to control one or multiple golems.


It is a faceted cylinder of solid crystal, deep blue in color and cool to the touch in which dwarven runes are engraved on it. Control rods are ancient objects which were created simultaneously with the golems. It is unknown however if the knowledge for their creation is lost or new control rods can be created.


Dragon Age: Origins[]

Main article: Golem Control Rod (Origins)

“Dwarven runes flicker along this crystalline rod. You've been told that it controls a golem in the village of Honnleath, near the Korcari Wilds.”

Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening[]

Main article: Golem Control Rod (Awakening)

“Dwarven runes are engraved all over this rod.”

The Golems of Amgarrak[]

Main article: Golem Control Rod (Golems of Amgarrak)

“The origins and meaning of this thing are a mystery.”

Dragon Age II[]

“The man who told me about the sword sold me a control rod for a golem that protects it. You want the sword, you need the rod. What do you say? Everything I paid, plus ten percent for pain and suffering?” ―Iwan

Other references[]

A Paragon of Her Kind[]

“Bah! You are not the only master smith here, Caridin! Golems, obey me! Attack!” ―Branka

“A control rod! But... my friend, you must help me! I cannot stop her alone!” ―Caridin

  • It is used by Branka as a storyline element during A Paragon of Her Kind, though it does not actually exist in-game.

The Golem in Redcliffe[]

“A faceted cylinder of solid crystal, deep blue in color and cool to the touch.”

  • Control Rod, while not visible in-game, is located inside the non-interactive keg in the kitchen of Redcliffe's tavern. It was scripted to become interactive after discovering clues around Redcliffe Village and the the Warden spoke to Lloyd and Bella about the crystal rod. It is a remnant of the original process to recruit Shale, before the golem was cut from the base game.

The Golems of Amgarrak[]

“I found a golem control rod. The golems are keeping it away for now. There's a shaft of light here. I can see my escape but I cannot reach it. The ground is too damp, the rocks too slick.” ―Darion's Journal