Once a crucial part of Orzammar's defenses, golems have all but vanished as the secret to their manufacture was lost over a thousand years ago. What few golems remain are guarded closely by the Shaperate, brought out when the battle with the darkspawn grows desperate enough to risk their loss. No one now would sell a golem for any price, but in ancient times, dwarves sold many golems to the magister lords of Tevinter. They are devastating weapons in war, living siege engines, capable of hurling boulders like a catapult or plowing through enemy lines like an earthquake.
—From Codex entry: Golem

Dwarves built golems, creatures of hewn stone or sheets of metal animated with a spark of lyrium. A magical, not mechanical, process animates the golem, making it more of a living “iron/stone creature.” A magical control rod can be used to gain complete command of a golem. A golem which lacks a control rod retains free will.

Golems were invented by the Paragon Caridin in -225 Ancient (year 940 of the Tevinter Imperium), when the First Blight was threatening both the surface and the dwarven thaigs. Paragon Hirol later improved the golem design.

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During the Second Battle of Kirkwall, Meredith, with her Red lyrium sword created from the Red Lyrium Idol of the Primeval Thaig, was able to transfer a part of lyrium of the sword in the statues of the Gallows, turning them into golems.

Creation Process

Caridin built the magical Anvil of the Void specifically for the process of building golems. Because he could not create new life, he had to use dwarven volunteers and turn them into golems. The process involves dressing the volunteer in armor the size of the golem, then pouring molten lyrium through the eye holes, mouth hole, and joints of the armor. Before it cools, the armor is hammered and shaped to perfection. Enchanted control rods were used to turn the golems into perfectly obedient soldiers, at the cost of their free will.

Because the golems led to incredible victories against the darkspawn, who were steadily destroying the dwarven civilization, many dwarves gladly volunteered.

When King Valtor began forcing criminals, Casteless, and political dissidents into golemhood, Caridin refused to create any more golems. By order of the King he was turned into a golem himself, but with this the knowledge of the creation process was lost.

Later experiments to create golems using an alternate source, such as fade spirits, were successful in creating uncontrollable flesh golems.

Types of Golem

Notable Golems


  • On the 360 and PC versions a Golem's left punch, except for Shale, never connects. Curiously, it only uses the left hand to "Slam".

Gallery of Golems

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