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The Golden Nug is a feature for Dragon Age: Inquisition introduced with Patch 10. It allows players to migrate certain collection items across all playthroughs.

Note: Patch 10 was only released for XBox One, PS4 and PC; the Golden Nug is not available in the XBox 360 and PS3 versions of the game.


Once you have completed the main storyline in at least one playthrough, the golden nug statue will become available in all future playthroughs. You must interact with the statue at least one time with a post-game character in order for it to become available in subsequent playthroughs.

The statue can be found in the following locations:


HoDA Golden Nug

The Golden Nug in Heroes of Dragon Age.

Interacting with the statue will synchronize your collectables across all current and future playthroughs. Items from the following collections can be acquired:


The following items cannot be transferred via the statue:


  • Your email must be linked to either EA, Origin, or the Dragon Age Keep in order to synchronize the collections.
  • For items that are linked to specific war table operations, such as the Jar of Bees Grenade Recipe, the operations will still be available in subsequent playthroughs, and the rewards will still be listed in the operation results regardless of whether you imported the item from the Golden Nug. Other rewards from the same operations (e.g., Sera approval from Red Jenny: Inquisition Needs Beeees!) remain unaffected and will still be rewarded on each playthrough.


  • The golden nug statues are mentioned to actually exist in the world; it is said one is in Haven as well as rumors that there are more elsewhere.[1]
  • "The Golden Nug" is also the name of a mixed alcohol drink served at the Gilded Horn.


  • Recipes obtained in the usual way after synchronizing are often listed twice in inventory.
  • The Golden Nug statue may randomly disappear from Skyhold's Undercroft for reasons unknown. However, with multiple attempts of fast traveling to another region and returning or restarting from the current save will eventually return the statue to its proper location.