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“You think Beraht's going to want you when you're old? Soon's your muscles go, it's the clean crew or the streets for you.”

Goilinar is a casteless beggar living in Dust Town during the Dwarf Commoner Origin.


Goilinar worked as an inspector in the mines, looking for bad air in the new tunnels. One day, he found a gas pocket, which exploded. He was healed, but lost the use of his legs. Leske mentions that Goilinar has lost his wits too.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

If the Dwarf Commoner initiates a discussion with Goilinar, the beggar will ask for 2Bronze. You then have the option to give him 1Bronze (if you have it) or ask him what happened to him. Goilinar then tells his story and readily points out that the dwarf commoner will end up like him when they reach his age. The commoner can ask about Oskias to which Goilinar will ask for a total of 10Bronze or be intimidated (requires basic Coercion).

If Goilinar is paid or intimidated successfully he will reveal that Oskias is in Tapster's Tavern. If the dwarf commoner asks for details he will mention that he wasn't close. If the intimidation fails, Goilinar will refuse to tell you on the basis that he knows Beraht does not like when those who work for him do killings off his books, which apparently seems to be true as the dwarf commoner cannot kill Goilinar afterwards.


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