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The Gnawed Noble Tavern is one of a few taverns in Denerim. It is the location for a number of quests, and is the location of the Bartender who offers the Favors for Certain Interested Parties job board.


The Gnawed Noble is located to the south of the Denerim Market District, practically opposite Brother Genitivi's house. This tavern is a popular destination of the nobility when they arrive in Denerim for the Landsmeet. The interior consists of two main rooms and two bedrooms. The inhabitants of the tavern will vary, depending on what quests are active and progress through the main plot.


The following appear after the Landsmeet starts:




Tre ico silk carpet Silk Carpet, source: Chest in locked room
Tre ico diamond Diamond, source: Chest in locked room

Notable gifts for companions:

Ico mug of ale Ale, source: Sold by Bartender.


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